2012 C.E.

What can we expect in the new year? As a graduating undergraduate I think I may say with more resolute affirmation than most that we cannot know.

Will the stock market continue its volatility? Who will debate Obama on national television? Will the Keystone pipeline be built? Were the Mayans right?

I feel confident answering the last question in the negative. December 21st is a pretty convenient time for the Mayans to stop writing their future calendar, considering that it is the winter solstice, but it makes for a juicy story. Either way, I’ll be in Vegas on December 20th.

I do hope that 2012 brings some massive changes. Not doomsday, but something radical to change the status quo. I’m young, so I can’t say that it has always felt like this, but I feel growing discontent in the public with the way the world is run. I believe that the 99% occupied Wall St because the top 1% of Americans hold 35% of the nation’s wealth. When the top 20% of citizens control 85% of wealth in the United States, the American Dream has become just that, a dream! Some drastic change might do good.

I bet 2012 will be the year we discover the ability to travel faster than the speed of light! Or maybe, we will unlock the secrets of cold fusion! Commercial space flight? At least let me get cheap solar panels? I hope we don’t see anything as crazy as robots declaring war on humans, though that might be fun. Though, war with a nuclear power like Iran certainly would not be.

Maybe the radical change of 2012 will be something more tangible. Maybe Ron Paul will get the nomination? That might give us the opportunity to shake things up in the world. The commercial stigma surrounding 2012 might become something after all.

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