Politics in the Digital Age

Check it out. The GOP hasn’t even nominated a candidate for president, and they have already written the manual on how to beat Obama.

Their ace in the hole? Use Barack’s words against him. Literally, Republicans have amassed scores of sound bites and video clips from as long ago as 2008 in which Obama makes promises to fix the economy. Their strategy is to use the man’s amazing oratory against him by throwing these clips from the past at voters as evidence of Obama’s failure.

Say Republicans win the Presidency in 2012. What is to keep Democrats from doing exactly the same thing in 2016? With the proliferation of campaign material on the Internet, it’s impossible to hide a politician’s record in the Digital Age.

Given Americans’ love for scandal and how much we love to hate incumbents, this could be a very bad trend. I see either of two outcomes in following this development to its logical end. Either politicians will never make promises on the campaign trail (and then what do we have to judge them on at the polls?), or George W. Bush will be the last two-term president in history.

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